ChubbySmack The Worlds Best Cast-In-Place Concrete Anchor Assembly

A cast-in-place concrete anchor assembly for use in slab-on-grad, podium deck, PT Deck and any concrete anchorage design you have.


Cast in place concrete anchors are placed into the concrete form area prior to the pour of concrete. Our ChubbyNut and HeavySet anchor bolt solution provides the lowest effective depth per ACI 318 appendix D requirements. Compared to a nut-plate-nut solution our system can achieves deepest concrete penetration meeting ACI 318 appendix D requirements. And the cost is significationly lower as well. The easiest to install with the absolute best possible attachment solution, the SmackChair. Our SmackChair is the easy anchor base to use and the inspection of our anchor assembly is the easiest in the industry. Color coded SmackChairs easily help identify the anchor bolt size. Whether installing on a podium deck, slab-on-grade or in a concrete wall our SmackChair holds your anchor in place during the pour. Do you have a column to anchor, light post with multiple bolts, or a guardrail to attach to your bridge? Are you installing a holdown system or placing sill bolts all at the base of your framed walls? Then the ChubbySmack combination is the solution that will get you the most from your concrete anchoring condition with the easist installation possible. Call us today!

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STEP 1 Set Rod Capacity
STEP 2 Anchor Rod Grade
(High Strength)
(High Strength)
STEP 3 Concrete Condition
STEP 4 ChubbyNut Base
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Rod Grade: A36/A307 ChubbyNut™ in Cracked Concrete
2500 psi 3000 psi 4000 psi 5000 psi
Rod Dia. Capacity Dimensions Dimensions Dimensions Dimensions
InchSize Pounds hef (in)W (in) hef (in)W (in) hef(in)W (in) hef (in)W (in)
5/8" R5 7,100 5.77 9.34 5.39 8.77 4.84 7.95 4.45 7.36
3/4" R6 10,520 7.6 12.16 7.11 11.43 6.4 10.36 5.89 9.59
7/8" R7 14,530 9.48 15.12 8.87 14.21 7.98 12.88 7.35 11.93
1" R8 19,060 11.40 18.13 10.67 17.04 9.61 15.45 8.85 14.31
1-1/8" R9 24,020 13.11 20.82 12.36 19.70 11.27 18.05 10.37 16.71
1-1/4" R10 30,500 NA NA 14.36 22.77 13.1 20.86 12.18 19.49
1-1/2" R12 44,220 NA NA 17.98 28.46 16.39 26.08 15.25 24.37
Nomenclature and Definitions
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hef = minimum depth from lower edge of ChubbyNut
W = edge distance from center of cone
T = minimum depth of concrete
Values provided are Minimum Depths and
Dimensions required to exceed rod ductility;
Per ACI 318, Appendix D.
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